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Tue, Aug 4, 2020
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Cytonn Investments
KulaRaha: 14:33    Watch this thread. There will be many guys who lose their money to thi...
KenGen HY 2019
Ericsson: 14:03    Kengen CEO Miano will feature on upcoming session on Trading Bell disc...
Exchange Bar: Results forecast
heri: 12:40    Exchange Bar Quarterly Forecast for Q2 2020, PBT figures in KES B: KC...
Elliott Wave Analysis Of The NSE 20
heri: 12:33    https://i.imgur.com/v31ptum.png SAFARICOM. Still falling. My target...
Safaricom 2019/2020
Sufficiently Philanga....thropic: 10:34    Monthly Chart of Safaricom since 2008 listing. First support at 25. B...
Realities of Forex Investment
mnandii: 09:09    https://i.imgur.com/83wdutL.png USDJPY. Red wave B complete at 104....
Bitcoin: Does it have a future ?
mnandii: 09:01    https://i.imgur.com/VheSRHt.png ETHEREUM Weekly Chart. Rising in wa...
Alternative hypothesis:Only idiots make money on NSE
sparkly: 07:15    I have a 100K, I'm thinking of deploying the stupid brilliant wazuan i...
411 on dividend and AGM
Ebenyo: 3 Aug 18:02    total EFT ndani =d> yes.even mine has checked today.
Kenya Power HY 2019
Extraterrestrial: 3 Aug 11:01    Interesting interview from Bernard Ngugi. He does inspire confidence. ...

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