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Sun, Mar 18, 2018
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Cuban Doctors..
murchr: 06:17    Is Uhuru serious? He has struck a deal to bring 100 Cuban doctors t...
Barclays - 2018 and beyond
VituVingiSana: 04:04    BBK as it sheds the 'Barclays' moniker... https://www.businessdaily...
Chinese in Australia
Kusadikika: 01:47    Western countries made laws that were very generous and licentious for...
Nairobi Rains
murchr: 17 Mar 23:25    Stupidity reloaded.. ..why drive into flood waters? 9750393269238...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
Spikes: 17 Mar 22:59    The Open Offer.. I repeat, the Open Offer. Clowns can continue to jest...
‘people’s president' Not Equal ",PRESIDENT OF KENYA
Realtreaty: 17 Mar 22:15    :-d :-d :-d Seems Uhuru has hit Nasa as a snake on its head to finis...
Cytonn Tower vs Britam Tower
Horton: 17 Mar 22:07    Britam towers has no tenant. Who is the tenant at Cyton towers C...
Justice Ransley
essyk: 17 Mar 21:49     This kind of excessive greed is a disease.A compulsive one in nature...
essyk: 17 Mar 21:24    People dont talk about their lives and the difficulties they are exper...
DJ CK, It will be well...
hardwood: 17 Mar 19:33    Also DJ CK has given back by employing hundreds in his companies inste...

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