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Thu, May 23, 2019
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Mumias Sugar huge demand
FUNKY: 11:39    https://www.the-star.co.ke/amp/news/2019-05-23-governor-oparanyas-bid-...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
obiero: 11:26    Kenya Airways Chief Executive Sebastian Mikosz was paid a total of Sh6...
Exchange Bar: Results forecast
VituVingiSana: 10:36    Exchange Bar Quarterly Forecast for Q1 2019, PBT figures in KES B: KC...
Corruption - Swazuri arrested
Angelica _ann: 10:08    5 accused persons in Sh109.7M NLC land scam write to DPP requesting fo...
Somalia in the 1980s - before collapse and alshabaab
gk: 10:04    kumbaff! I was expecting to see infrastructure etc. Rename this thread...
What has your governor done for you?
Angelica _ann: 09:57    Waititi vizited by IEBC IEBC yawa:-) Anyway it is the toothless EAC...
Housing Finance: HFCK a diamond in the rough
Pesa Nane: 09:26     Anyone who attended the AGM on 26-04-2019? please update the rest of...
Safaricom FY 2018/19
kenyan2019: 09:21    Huawei sanction may hit Safaricom https://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/bus...
Kenya Economy Watch
kenyan2019: 08:24    https://www.theafricareport.com/13216/kenyas-shilling-management-is-fl...
US - China tariffs war
AlphDoti: 07:25    It's all about 5G, stupid. America realized very late that China via h...

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