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Sat, Jul 20, 2019
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Nyama ya supermarket
murchr: 16:17    Boiled matumbo, minced meat and chicken liver are some of the most con...
Microsoft is worth a Trillion Dollars!!
murchr: 16:00    Apple has $230bn in cash During the days of Steve Jobs, Apple use...
KCB 2018 and Beyond
Ericsson: 15:57    KCB Group holds 21% of Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company
Ontorio Lottery Corporation!
brainstorm212: 15:49    Congratulations:) I would also like to win this amount in the lottery....
Hello Honorable Wazuans
alma1: 15:39    . While you were away, Alma became TangaTanga's chief strategist. :-d...
Punguza Mizigo Bill
alma1: 15:36    This Aukot guy was the CEO of the Committee of Experts that drafted th...
hardwood: 13:48    1150720283654938625
William Ruto is NOT going to be President in 2022
alma1: 10:54     I wish we could take time to read the bill (not the summarised crap)...
SGR officially dead. What next?
hardwood: 08:54    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-07-19/china-s-belt-and-ro...
KenGen HY 2019
sparkly: 08:50    The bus is slowly departing Heading from CBD to KNH, route no. 7. ...

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