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Thu, Sep 23, 2021
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Kenya Power - what's the latest?
iris: 11:28    >EABL to stop use of Kenya Power in Sh22bn plan There must be a bre...
Evergrande effect locally
VituVingiSana: 10:06     It is the reason for the sell off this week. Global markets, Kenya in...
Safaricom....Collymore Successor Yes Kenyan Can
My 2 cents: 22 Sep 18:42    We have a very shallow market. If you have a lot of money to invest in...
Centum FY2022 - FY2026
kmucheke: 21 Sep 15:15    Centum plans sale part or all of its shareholding in real estate subsi...
Treasury Bills and Bonds
MatataMingi: 21 Sep 14:13    @ maka. THANKS a lot. Much appreciated. I have been just buying prima...
Kenya mutual business partners to know well...
Realtreaty: 21 Sep 12:15    This is an insult and Kenya should reply in equal measure!!!!! “We ...
Cytonn Investments
My 2 cents: 20 Sep 15:42    You mean the financials that they hardly publish anymore?
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
ArrestedDev: 20 Sep 15:24    Cargo ops in DRC will not be on the Embraer, but on the 737 freighter....
Safaricom Investment Cooperative
enyands: 20 Sep 04:07     oustanding shares so far 21,054,141.84@ 52.50 Value of unbought share...
Briatm, Britam, Britam sounds like sweet candy!
Ericsson: 18 Sep 08:28    Britam has advertised its land holdings in Kilimani,Upper Hill and Kil...

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