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Wed, Apr 25, 2018
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Co-operative Bank fate.. discuss
obiero: 13:18    ksh.19 per share smashed =d> =d> =d> Running to 23 Kes from where i...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
obiero: 12:55    @Ebenyo - I know of at least one which one will not make the cut ,-) ...
Madness at the NSE
wukan: 12:37    This could be interesting but not easy to pull off in Kenya. REITs hav...
KPLC turning out to be a Useless Company
Fyatu: 12:09    How does Safaricom manage their airtime/token purchase for over 20 mil...
washiku: 11:42    This is a very interesting concept. You can even decide who to lend t...
Speculating in cryptocurrencies: A rough approach
Mukiri: 10:52    @Elder Mukiri. Which Telegram channels and Facebook groups would yo...
Safaricom HY 2018
Ericsson: 09:43    Safaricom discontinues storo bonus airtime service
NMG FY 2017
Ericsson: 06:41    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DbiEOTKWAAUU4EE.png New and fresh ideas...
KenGen HY 2017/2018
kawi254: 24 Apr 22:13    'KenGen is set to step up power generation from hydro stations followi...
Low End Housing: High Risk, High Return
Fullykenyan: 24 Apr 18:17    What's the definition of low class? I just met a Mombasa guy with 28...

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