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Mon, Sep 26, 2016
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Kenya Airways...why ignore..
VituVingiSana: 01:21    http://i410.photobucket.com/albums/pp188/obierocollins/KQ%20AGM%202016...
I&,M Bank to buy GIRO Bank
Sober: 25 Sep 23:56    http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/Corporate-News/European-funds-set-t...
who is dismantling kq share
Sober: 25 Sep 22:56    This share has made many people weep. The share has gone so low eve...
ARM: A Time To Board?
sparkly: 25 Sep 22:35    The price is getting very tempting day by day. Very tempting
Outering Road
sparkly: 25 Sep 22:05    All the gains mad during grand coalition and narc reign being wiped ou...
Law Capping interest rates
obiero: 25 Sep 21:28    Obiero after your fiasco with KQ I really wonder about you.. So Ken...
Elliott Wave Analysis Of The NSE 20
Spikes: 25 Sep 18:51    Britam There was a rush to buy it at 10 last time, let's see if ...
directional forecast
snipermnoma: 25 Sep 15:52    NMG my thoughts on the chart. Potential ABCD pattern in the making. ...
Housing Finance: HFCK a diamond in the rough
sparkly: 25 Sep 12:45    If u can service a loan that size and can get a mortgage that size, yo...
The KenolKobil 2015 pendulum
gatoho: 24 Sep 23:13    T=20 MainaT= M20?

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