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Thu, Oct 27, 2016
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Kenya Airways...why ignore..
murchr: 00:38    http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSL8N1CW62J Goodies for turna...
Ebenyo: 26 Oct 22:24    Investor briefing for full year results is today Mbona haikufanyika...
What was your worst mistake in trading.
obiero: 26 Oct 20:59    I blame myself for not taking action when i watched an interview of Ng...
directional forecast
lochaz-index: 26 Oct 20:06     A finite number of traders participate in the markets on any given...
Holding Company in Kenya
Invepreneur: 26 Oct 20:03    Anyone with an idea on how to register and run (recurring legal requir...
Investors Lounge
lochaz-index: 26 Oct 19:45    Yuan headed to GFC levels yet there is no market reaction! In the mean...
Exchange Bar: Results forecast
obiero: 26 Oct 17:51    http://i410.photobucket.com/albums/pp188/obierocollins/KQ%20HY%202016_...
Treasury Bills and Bonds
Impunity: 26 Oct 17:00    @when do they close shop for accepting bids for this tap issuance? ...
Legendary Corner: Who's Greater, James Mwangi or Michael Joseph?
muganda: 26 Oct 14:10    You just must agree with the man who echoed: the strongest of all warr...
Banks that will be extinct in a few years
winmak: 26 Oct 11:18    you sure? last I checked it as CK bank that was in trouble...

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