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Thu, Oct 1, 2020
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KCB buy buy buy
Ericsson: 19:30    https://businesstoday.co.ke/kcb-sets-aside-fund-for-schools-ahead-of-r...
Exchange Bar: Results forecast
Ericsson: 15:20    Did anyone here attend AGM for SCANK. Please share the notes and comme...
WPP ScanGroup Plc FY 2019
Ericsson: 15:19    https://mobile.twitter.com/tradingroomke/status/1311637215592804353/ph...
Why I Think Doing Business in Kenya is Not a Business
tinker: 14:55    Let's stop saying covid screwed us over. It is this LOCKDOWNS that scr...
KenyaRe FY19 - FY23 (Both Inclusive)
Angelica _ann: 14:51    Virtual AGM will be held on 9 October 2020. To approve payment of div...
Cytonn Investments
kawi254: 13:36    Investors will take their money back to the traditional unit trusts li...
Kenya Economy Watch
PeterReborn: 13:27    This now makes sense as to why the SGR terminated at Naivasha https...
Elliott Wave Analysis Of The NSE 20
Metch: 12:00    https://i.imgur.com/7aiOkEf.png DTB has broken below 60. I would ex...
Speculating in cryptocurrencies: A rough approach
snifadog: 09:31    October will be a green month. monies will be made. watching $AST clos...
Top fundis, builders and suppliers in Kenya by origin
amorphous: 30 Sep 20:28    This is my experience. Maybe you can correct P.S. Please do not tur...

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