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Thu, Apr 27, 2017
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Exchange Bar: Results forecast
Horton: 26 Apr 21:33    Q1 2017, PBT figures in KES B: KCB 6.9-------6.3B EQTY 6.8 -------6B...
Low End Housing: High Risk, High Return
obiero: 26 Apr 20:50    @obiero,how much Kshs have you spent so far? Its not much. Below KES ...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
obiero: 26 Apr 20:45    Qatar Airways has announced that it will launch direct flights between...
The KenolKobil 2015 pendulum
Realtreaty: 26 Apr 19:39    So who lost here????? Mary a new wife if the old wife is troublesome ...
alma1: 26 Apr 19:21    These are not red flags 1. Using wordpress - only newbies think lik...
Kengen FY16
Ericsson: 26 Apr 19:21    The groundbreaking ceremony of the Kengen's 158MW Olkaria V geothermal...
Realities of Forex Investment
hisah: 26 Apr 18:29    Did anyone spot this 1.2 million LOTS yesterday on EUR/USD...12M USD a...
Best bank interest rates on Foreign currency savings
Taurrus: 26 Apr 17:35    Which Kenyan banks/institutions offer the best interest rates on forei...
Safaricom HY17
Flo-ology: 26 Apr 16:50    Safaricom is estimated to have lost sh.2.6bn during yesterday's outage...
Law Capping interest rates
wukan: 26 Apr 12:58    http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/markets/news/Banks-triple-loan-good...

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