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Sat, Nov 18, 2017
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Kenya Airways Half Year 2017/2018 loss of sh.3.8bn
obiero: 07:19    KQ lenders have nominated Ms Carol Musyoka and Martin Oduor-Otieno to ...
Exchange Bar: Results forecast
obiero: 06:51    Kenya Airways https://i.imgur.com/9H13Wtg.jpg The results are out.. ...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
VituVingiSana: 04:18    A dilution close to 20times what one holds.. A parachute offered of 4...
Bitcoin &, CryptoCoins for Kenya
Dahatre: 17 Nov 22:11    Saw this on NTV last night. Can experts explain how one pays for dowry...
STOCKS TO SELL by yaserbigchair
KondooEconomist: 17 Nov 17:48    Unless something drastic happens there will be no major fall in share ...
Treasury Bills and Bonds
AndyC: 17 Nov 17:13    Thanks again.. I could not find information on CBK site that is presen...
Uchumi FY17
the deal: 17 Nov 14:26    Not good enough... Top line... Gross margin all shrinking... Performan...
Top Stockbrokers ( Listed in Order )
Cv254K: 17 Nov 12:30    Hey all, What is the latest outlook on the best online stock broker...
directional forecast
karasinga: 17 Nov 10:31    IMHO, technically, the following buses are leaving station as on 17th ...
Outering Road Finally....
sanity: 17 Nov 10:11    All these and yet pedestrians and Matatus not catered for.

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