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Thu, Jun 20, 2019
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Treasury Bills and Bonds
Impunity: 00:41    @maka, did they delay payment for 'ISSUE NO. IFB 1/2018/20'? First due...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
the deal: 19 Jun 20:42    @Obiero
KenyaRe FY19 - FY23 (Both Inclusive)
Ericsson: 19 Jun 16:46    Highly overpriced.. KES 2.8 is the fair value https://i.imgur.com/la...
KCB and NBK material announcement
Horton: 19 Jun 16:44    I will get KCB at 35 Tuko pamoja lakini sio sahi.HY results an...
How true is FEP??
Ebenyo: 19 Jun 15:25    FEP story to feature in tomorrow's Sunday Nation. Terrrennn terrennn. ...
KQ up,up &, away
Yliett: 19 Jun 14:43    I dont think that you should be hard on any investor who made loss on ...
AGMs Corner
Beler: 19 Jun 14:42    Ok, I have heard a lot of crazy stuff, but this one mentioned here are...
Prado consumption of 4 litre and 2.7litre
kgfestus: 19 Jun 13:25    I think Baraza (Daily Nation) has an answer for you https://www.natio...
Law Capping interest rates
Ericsson: 19 Jun 13:05    Uhuru Kenyatta is the man squarely behind the rate cap. You cannot tel...
Retirement schemes fund managers audit
Josey: 19 Jun 12:26    While fund managers of retirement schemes sign investment policy state...

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