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Wed, Sep 27, 2017
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directional forecast
karasinga: 26 Sep 23:01    @karasinga, please post the charts for Kengen and KPLC when you have a...
Work from home
murchr: 26 Sep 22:30    Most Kenyans (a majority) are not honest enough to be trusted It is ...
OTC Market in Kenya
target1360: 26 Sep 22:29    Could any one here possibly have any updates of any new entrants to th...
M-Akiba treasury bonds via mobile
Taurrus: 26 Sep 22:20    https://i.imgur.com/AG87jRz.jpg Payment is 9th Oct NOT 20th? That's...
SBG Securities iTrader
winmak: 26 Sep 21:22    This is pretty cool. There are days when I have no internet access and...
obiero: 26 Sep 19:16    :-) This is a stock that will shoot immediately after elections booste...
Britam Half Year 2017 Pre-Tax Profit Drops By 55.4%
Ericsson: 26 Sep 16:04    The company will receive sh.5.72bn in cash for the proposed investment...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
obiero: 26 Sep 14:59    http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/corporate/companies/Ex-KQ-bosses-ex...
ARM HY2017
Angelica _ann: 26 Sep 12:21    So this ARM troubles, who do we blame Jubilee :-) , Debt (mis)manageme...
Bear 2015 Wish List
VituVingiSana: 26 Sep 11:52    FLAME TREE, time to buy is now :-) A question to @Aguy, @VVS and ...

-  Flame Tree Group HY17
-  CFC Stanbic 1HY17
-  Shipping from China and Middle East
-  Safaricom FY17 PBT 67BN
-  Shipping from China
-  Nakumatt: Another ailing Kenyan company
-  Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco
-  Cytonn Investments
-  Love-at-first-sight
-  Sunset Boulevard vs Everest Park
-  NIC BANK HY 2017
-  Pimped Vitz owners club
-  Delete
-  Longhorn FY17
-  KCB HY 2017 result
-  Law Capping interest rates
-  Bitcoin: Does it have a future ?
-  Nissan Murano
-  Spare parts of Daihatsu terios
-  Centum HY17
-  KenolKobil HY 2017 profit before tax up 20%
-  Urithi Housing Sacco
-  Roofing timber prices
-  Food Truck Business
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