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Sat, Jul 11, 2020
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Kenya Airways...why ignore..
ARAPCHARLEE: 00:58    Someone help a brother. I bought 3600 share of KQ FEB 2015 once but it...
CIC Insurance 2019
Ericsson: 00:44    Cooperative bank reduced shareholding in cic from 26.1% to 24.8% From...
Alternative hypothesis:Only idiots make money on NSE
VituVingiSana: 10 Jul 23:00    don't jump in a pond whose depth you don't know. NSE will swallow you....
EA Cables and Transcentury FY 2018
VituVingiSana: 10 Jul 22:57     These Wazees are always upto something. How is 28 bob fair value f...
WPP ScanGroup Plc FY 2019
Mainat: 10 Jul 19:52    They can use ksh0.5bn to clear the loan and then the rest perhaps to a...
Options for Highspeed home Internet outside Major towns
kmucheke: 10 Jul 14:57     Could someone explain how the google loon internet works. Are they a...
Madness at the NSE
Sufficiently Philanga....thropic: 10 Jul 14:44     Short term bounce loading following the sustained rout over the last...
Elliott Wave Analysis Of The NSE 20
Ericsson: 10 Jul 09:02    https://i.imgur.com/yKMhvOg.png Been waiting for that move down in ...
Kenya Power HY 2019
Ericsson: 10 Jul 08:56    https://www.businessdailyafrica.com/corporate/companies/Corona-dims-Ke...
Why dustbowl is the future
amorphous: 10 Jul 07:43    Good news! The famous YUKOS inn. , one of the top 15 places in Nairobi...

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