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Top fundis, builders and suppliers in Kenya by origin
#1 Posted : Wednesday, September 30, 2020 8:28:25 PM
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This is my experience. Maybe you can correct

P.S. Please do not turn this into a tribal thread. This is simply an anecdotal appreciation of certain talents and their distribution.

Please note that good and bad fundis come in all shades shapes and sizes so this info is not scientific at all.

Plaster/Mouldings: Machakos and affiliated counties win hands down. These guys have GOD GIVEN talent in the form of dexterity of the hands. This is why the best wood carvings in Kenya come from the zone. Watakuchapia plaster na window mouldings nywee mpaka unyamaze nyiii. And their corners are done to perfection! Wengine wakifanya corners, all it takes is a slight tap with a hammer and a huge chunk of the corner falls off. Lakesiders are a strong second. To be avoided: Mountaineers

Plumbers Machakos and affiliated counties win again. See note on dexterity above. Mountaineers have a strong showing here..leak hutakuwa nayo hata moja! Lakesiders also have a presentable showing as well.

Foundation Stones, Machine Cuts and Ballast Mountaineers win hapa with no competition whatsoever. Kila kitu itatoka Thika..delivered on time and high quality to boot. Na bei ni nafuu. But you have to watch out for false bottoms in lorries and similar ujanja. Very dependable as well. You will easily get addicted to calling your usual Mountaineer supplier when you run low on any of these items. Mogadishuites are a close second. Not as efficient and more pricey but also very good. Avoid Lakesiders AT ALL COST on this one if you are smart.

Electricians Lakesiders win hapa. They will install very clean and neat work and even explain to you in very technical kizungu the specs of your system. Solar installation pia they win hands down.

Painting You cannot go wrong with Machakos and affiliated counties on this one as well for reasons expressed above. Lakesiders close second. Avoid Mountaineers kapsa kapsa on this one.

Landscaping Go with an urbane Mountaineer lady on this one. She will panga your flower beds and explain the difference between a Cana Lily and African Daisy until you just smile. Efficient and presentable final works all at reasonable cost.

Water supply for both construction and consumption Of course Mountaineers win hapa again. Efficient and affordable. Closely followed by Rift Valley (super honest).

Masonry Westerners win hapa. Lakesiders close second. A combination of clean work and heavy lifting skills.

Security Mountaineers win again. no competition. ALl the gadgeteries from Shenzhen and Dufai ako nazo. Delivered by nduthi huyoooo fasta fasta. Affordable to boot. But get a Lakesider to install.

Makuti For all you club/resort builders. Coast of course wins hapa easy peasy. But beware of imposters wa bara masquerading as Coasterians in this field. You will regret their work.

Mbaos RUN as fast as you can to the nearest Kissinger. Speciality ndiyo hiyo. Congolese mahogany? No problem? Cypress quality poa? Easy easy. But please do not order sandalwood because they actually might deliver.

Na gama haigo haigo..

New Normal!
#2 Posted : Tuesday, October 06, 2020 9:16:23 PM
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Largely correct
punda amecheka
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