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Elliott Wave Analysis Of The NSE 20
#3061 Posted : Thursday, February 07, 2019 11:11:41 AM
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The Dar es Salaam Stock exchange has extended its trading time by an hour. It usually operated from 10am to 3pm but will now run from 10am to 4pm starting 11 February. The move was necessitated by the need for more time by bond dealers. Additionally, the extension will favor foreign investors who operate on a different time zone.

Trading hours extended from 5hrs to 6hrs
Kenya's NSE trading hours is 5.5hrs
#3062 Posted : Sunday, February 10, 2019 1:56:23 PM
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What happened in NSSF sounds like big miss-management of data migration. Control systems were not established prior to migration. This should not ever happen, especially with pension money. If they messed up with data migration, how can they be sure in their ability to make adequate corrections?
#3063 Posted : Monday, February 11, 2019 3:11:46 PM
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VyaBureSiachi wrote:
rwitre wrote:
mufasa wrote:
lochaz-index wrote:
rwitre wrote:
Ericsson wrote:
bartum wrote:
Is the market looking up, chartists what do you say

Taking positions in anticipation of full year results and dividends in the financial sector and for companies whose FY ended 31 December

SCOM, EQTY, KCB, ICDC taking off.

BRIT, JUB, KEGN on queue

NMG yet to be cleared

Come rally, come!

Applause Applause

Market has been consolidating for the last three months or so. This is after erasing the whole 2017 rally and puncturing the Feb 2017 low of 2789. Generally, I don't expect 2019 to be good for EM/FMs but there are always some exceptions.

The resistance at these 2700 levels has held for a while now. To the point we can start feeling a new social mood kicking in.

Post Dusit attack, Kenyans are beginning to feel more resilient and foreigners are gaining more confidence with our economy. We've overtaken Ethiopia, GDP wise again. The likelihood of them catching up again is not soon.

Handshake is bearing fruit.

Grand corruption cases have gone down... We're now just dealing with thieves of yester-years.

So, yes. A small upward spike is expected.

NMG is that one sheep that keeps going back to the pen when the rest of its pals are being herded out to graze in the morning.

How does it fall to an all-time low of 60 just when the bull is picking up. d'oh! d'oh!

Anyway...we welcome the discount.

I think NMG is overvalued in my book. Steady declining earnings over the years, depletion of their reserves, PB of 1.43, PE of 8.7, savage cut in dividend.
I think the only plays here are the dividend rally then you jump out or strap up for the long haul and wait for a buyout(risking massive capital erosion)

NMG closes at 71. It's taken a while longer than the rest of its peers in the NSE 20, but it's slowly coming around to lift-off. smile
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